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Cloud Transformation

RedCortex can help you transform your organisation and enable the use of cloud or hybrid cloud technologies.  Having specific public sector experience, we can work with organisations to develop a benefits-led approach to cloud migration, implement new services and develop internal ICT capabilities resulting in lower costs and greater resilience.


  • Cost reduction and reduced complexity

  • Allowing organisations to take control of their own ICT

  • Reduced delivery timeframes due to flexibility of cloud

  • Experience of transforming UK Public Sector bodies

  • Experience of migrating away from large vendors and inhousing

  • Experience of migrating legacy apps to latest cloud platforms

  • Improved Skills, Capabilities and Culture to deliver business change

  • Improved Efficiency and Responsiveness to changes; services flexibility and quality

  • Improved end-to-end service quality and business continuity

  • Improved security and reduced threat of cyber attack


  • Flexible delivery models, staff can be on-site or virtual

  • Collaborative working approach, working alongside permanent staff

  • Complex cloud transformation expert resources and techniques

  • Transformation and coaching of delivery approach across Waterfall to Agile

  • Upskilling and knowledge transfer to permanent staff members

  • Ability to deploy multi-skilled resources on-site rapidly

  • Different governance models available to suit your organisation need

  • Previous experience of transforming Public Sector Bodies

  • Develop 3-5 year ICT Strategy to meet your organisation’s business needs

  • Transformation Benefit tracking throughout process

Project Management and Delivery

RedCortex can provide quality Programme and Project Management capabilities to your organisation. We offer you a complete range of Programme Management Office (PMO) services providing assessments, governance, tools and people to improve your delivery capability and performance, with years of experience in successful business and cloud transformation programmes.


  • A reliable partner to assure your project success

  • Delivery to a tailored budget

  • A simple approach that’s based on tangible outputs

  • Years of experience in successful programme and project implementation.

  • We can take responsibility for your project

  • We deliver programmes safely, within time and cost constraints

  • Integrated multi-skilled teams or single project managers


  • High-quality project and programme delivery

  • Agile, Prince II, MSP, PMP, ITIL methodologies

  • Lower cost model than engaging system integrators

  • Programme and project management office function

  • We’ll apply appropriate levels of governance and reporting

  • We’ll provide a predictable cost model

  • Our resources will work with your tools and processes

  • Resource on-boarding, retention, and exiting

  • Capacity management and resource planning

  • We can work with your staff to help improve capabilities

Cloud Resourcing

RedCortex can provide specialist resources for Cloud services, implementation and transition projects.  Our resources are experienced professionals with specialising in cloud delivery with relevant public sector experience.  All required skillsets are available to either assist or lead, from inception to delivery, including business case development and project and programme management.


  • More competitive than System Integrator or consultancy firms

  • Effective stakeholder engagement and communication plans

  • Best practice delivery by all practitioners (TOGAF, PRINCE, AGILE)

  • Reduction of complexity to enable rapid mobilisation

  • Multiple delivery disciplines available, AGILE, Waterfall

  • Knowledge transfer and capability growth for in-house staff

  • Reduces complexity to enable rapid mobilisation of programme/projects

  • Return on Investment (ROI) by delivering strategic aims, maximising benefits

  • Minimising risks and costs of delivery

  • Knowledge transfer and business continuity


  • Proven Experience within Public Sector, multi vendor environments

  • Experience of using multiple Cloud platforms (paas, saas, iaas) and vendors

  • Service Architecture, Service Transition and Service Design

  • CIO and CTO Advisory services

  • Enterprise and Solution Architecture, Engineering, Networking and DevOps

  • Microsoft Partner status

  • Security Cleared Resources available

  • On-site and virtual team options available

  • Work package design, development and management

  • Governance models to suit your organisation

Project Recovery

We’ll review your ICT programme or project health, providing a report that makes clear and feasible recommendations on change and improvement. We will use language and tools to make it familiar and easy to understand.  If required, we will adopt control and provide a successful turnaround and assure your success.


  • We’ll apply real-world experience and specific insight and knowledge

  • We’re pragmatic, and will only recommend what’s achievable

  • Our approach will be easy to understand and avoid jargon

  • A clear, structured response to your specific issues affecting success

  • We will monitor progress to keep the recovery on track

  • We can work with, mentor and develop your internal staff through the recovery process


  • Specialist transformation programme and project recovery in public and private sector

  • Accomplished in Prince II, MSP, PMP, Agile, ITIL Methodologies

  • Review of your ICT programme or project status and health

  • Stakeholder feedback and co-operative information gathering

  • You will get a clear breakdown of steps to be taken

  • A feasible and achievable schedule for the project recovery

  • An estimated project recovery budget

  • Simple recovery monitoring processes

  • We’ll provide a list of any needed tools or information

  • If needed, we can take control of the recovery process


RedCortex can provide leading Cloud-enabled DevOps to help enable your organisation’s transformation from legacy physical hardware to cloud commodity services, enabling continuous development and integration. With a proven track record of Public Sector Delivery, we can both deliver DevOps capability and upskill your organisation simultaneously.


  • Continuous development, integration and improvement

  • Consistent, improved flow of organisational and technical change

  • Removal of silos between different organisational boundaries

  • Improved collaboration and teamworking across project and ops

  • Faster time to market or production

  • Standardized development environments

  • Improved customer satisfaction through engagement and speed


  • Provide efficient Cloud Transformation using modern DevOps principles

  • We’ll understand your organisation and recommend preparation if required

  • We’ll provide a Transformation/DevOps strategy without DevOps jargon

  • We’ll implement the Transformation/DevOps strategy if needed

  • A standalone service or integrate with your existing team

  • Knowledge transfer, training and upskilling of your organisation

  • Experience of delivering into OFFICIAL (inc OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE) environments

  • Full knowledge of governmental security best practices

  • Experience of COTS and Open-source platforms

  • Software and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) implementations

Cyber Security

RedCortex enable organisations to embrace the benefits of cloud technologies while remaining secure and compliant. Our CESG Certified Professionals make it easy for you to safely navigate your path to the cloud and also to remain safe once you get there. We offer a whole of life solution from providing strategic advice on platform choices to assisting with implementation projects and undertaking IT Health Checks.  Our service includes cyber security and information assurance strategy and policy development, risk assessment and risk management, assistance with technical security design and Security Policy Framework (SPF).


  • Reduces ongoing threats to your organisation
  • Protects your system from threats such as adware, Ransomware and increasingly advanced social engineering schemes
  • Helps you avoid breaches and maintain a good reputation, customers feel comfortable that their personal data will not be compromised
  • As well as prevention, working with you to develop responses to Cyber attack
  • Working in partnership with your staff to raise skills in your organisation


  • Comprehensive security architecture and design
  • Information security tailored to the GDPR age
  • Risk Management strategies which help you make better security decisions
  • ICT governance and compliance suitable for today’s complex regulatory environment
  • Assistant to help prevent DDoS and other cyber attacks
  • Security Policy Framework (SPF) compliance consultancy
  • Productions of RMADS
  • CESG Certified Professionals

Support Services

At RedCortex, our support services provide a range of flexible models designed to complement your internal resource’s capability and capacity. Using methodologies to suit your organisation, including ITIL and LEAN, we’ll deliver a reliable service to solve technical problems, including on-site support for critical issues. With our unique expertise in Cloud Services, we’re confident that our proactive approach and skilled, experienced team can provide your organisation with the cost effective and up to date ICT support it needs.


  • Greater productivity for your business
  • Industry leading technical skill and knowledge
  • Reduced costs passed onto your business
  • Clear expectations set and consistently met with agreed SLAs
  • Integration with your existing ICT processes and systems where required
  • Improved satisfaction with ICT support throughout your organisation
  • Increased customer satisfaction through engagement and speed
  • We’ll support your efforts to achieve compliance to meet industry and legislative standards


  • Intelligent problem management to improve your   resilience to IT issues in future
  • A forward-thinking approach to request management to ensure a positive experience for service users
  • Remote monitoring and management to help ensure that critical events are spotted and acted on, problems can be resolved before they have an impact
  • Collaborative working approach, working alongside permanent staff
  • Ability to deploy multi-skilled resources on-site rapidly
  • Usage of ITIL and other methodologies