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Our Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution in Microsoft Azure is ideal for remote working or as a replacement for Citrix.

Being highly scalable, it is suitable for any number of users. It can securely be accessed from non-corporate devices via URL in times of business continuity or to support flexible working patterns.

  • Cost reduction and reduced complexity
  • Allows organisations to move away from Citrix
  • Rapid delivery of large-scale Remote-Working Capability accessible by all
  • Personal devices can be used to access the environment securely
  • Scalable to 100,000+ users
  • Cost-optimisation in Azure using auto-scaling
  • Simpified desktop management
  • Improved security and reduced threat of cyber attack
  • Flexible delivery models, staff can be on-site or remote
  • Collaborative working approach, working alongside permanent staff
  • WVD environment can be ready in less than 2 weeks
  • Upskilling and knowledge transfer to permanent staff members
  • Ability to deploy multi-skilled resources on-site rapidly
  • Fully scalable to meet your organisation’s needs

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