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We will help you implement a ChatBot leveraging the Azure Bot Service.

A ChatBox provides users with an experience similar to dealing with a person, used for quick Q&A or sophisticated conversation that intelligently provide access to services. It can be used for internal and external customers.

  • Enriches customer support
  • Can reduce load on human operators
  • Can provide a faster experience for users
  • Reduces trawling through FAQs, help files, and waiting in queues
  • Low cost solution
  • Adoption Analytics demonstrate uptake in different areas, allowing targeted modifications
  • Short time to deployment
  • Integrate powerful AI capabilities with Azure Cognitive Services
  • Provides Natural Language capabilities to your apps and websites
  • Can be fine-tuned on a regular basis to improve experience
  • Open and extensible – can be integrated with almost anything
  • Multiple channel – Website, Intranet, Skype, Slack, Cortana and Facebook Messenger
  • Virtual assistant tailored to your brand, across multiple applications

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