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We can help you implement Power BI to leverage powerful visualisations and insights, producing critical dashboards using disparate data sources.

These dashboards can be used to deliver key insights when analysing large data sources, providing graphical summaries for Board and Executive level.

  • Create useful dashboards showing real-time data
  • Produce content for others to consume using Power BI Desktop
  • Interact with live data sources
  • Utilise 3D Geo-Spatial analysis
  • Publish your reports to intranet or internet sites as required
  • Skills transfer provided as part of the service
  • Data cleansing, preparation, extract, transform and load as required
  • View reports across multiple platforms and devices
  • Empower your organisation to make data-driven decisions
  • Produce professional graphs, charts and dashboards
  • Data can be tailored for different levels of the organisation
  • Reduce costs by empowering users to design and create their own reports
  • Increased insights into your organisation’s data
  • Manage dashboard and report delivery across the whole organisation
  • Allows the organisation to benefit from a consistent data source

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