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RedCortex has developed a new flexible and agile delivery model to assist our Customers in budgeting for planned Digital Transformation Projects, in year or across financial years by the creation of a fund, and access to our resource pool that can be invested in to in advance and consumed as a service, we call it RaaS – Resource as a Service.

The premise of the RaaS delivery model is to provide access to identified RedCortex resources in conjunction with planned Digital Transformation Projects.

The value of the RaaS model is priority access to RedCortex resources, meaning agile delivery time frames, joint planning, and execution of projects all packaged both technically and financially as workstreams, with project governance, change control for flexibility and PMO services to ensure a smooth and agile delivery.

The costs associated with each of the workstreams are managed by drawing down against the ‘RaaS fund’ created when the Customer commits to the service.

The level of financial commitment to the RaaS model is flexible and based upon the projected spend and roadmap jointly agreed.

Typically, we work with Customers to identify a set of Digital Transformation projects to be delivered, either as a planned programme, or traversing financial years, that have decided to commit to use the RedCortex Resource as a Service model to provide a flexible and agile resource pool to design and deliver projects, as examples show below, to be defined as workstreams.

  • Adoption of M365 / O365
  • Adoption of SharePoint Online and Migration from earlier versions ‘on prem’, plus development of applications
  • Creation and delivery of new EUC Desktop Strategies to use WVD and exit Citrix
  • PowerBi adoption
  • Developing using Microsoft’s Power Platform and using power virtual agents
  • Azure migration to the cloud and building Azure landing zones and new networking requirements
  • Furthering the use of Teams and adoption of Teams ‘Voice’ across businesses, and integrating with existing telco provisions where Direct Routing is preferred
  • Consulting to provide IT Assurance, Security & Governance, and Digital Strategies at CIO level
  • Re-Architecture of current infrastructure to provide hybrid IT service delivery models

Each Transformation workstream will be costed and agreed in advance, and all required resources will be drawn from the RedCortex Team, and funding drawn down from the RaaS fund. Usual project governance and change control will apply.

Our rate card for consultancy services is as follows:


We appreciate the commitment by Customers to the RedCortex Resource as a Service model to provide resource and advance financial cover for identified Digital Transformation tasks as workstreams.

Once the RaaS fund is in place RedCortex will provide formal quotations in advance for each agreed workstream and will draw down costs of delivery from the RaaS fund created. A regular statement will be produced for audit purposes.

The level of initial commitment is flexible and is typically between £ 50,000 and £250,000 and is agreed in advance.

There is no time limit to the consumption of the RaaS fund.

Next Steps?

RedCortex would appreciate a short call to discuss your timetable and priorities.

We will then start to build a transformation programme plan, and agree the value of the RaaS fund, plus identify any resources that are not on our current headcount.

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