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If you’re unfamiliar with G-Cloud, it’s a really good way of buying cloud and digital services quickly, while remaining transparent and within compliance.

G-Cloud was created by the UK Government Digital Service to simplify the often confusing and time-consuming process of procurement. The suppliers and their services are pre-approved and have passed rigorous checks on your, the customer’s, behalf.  All public sector bodies, including agencies and arm’s length bodies can use it. It has helped millions of customers to start their projects quickly and accurately with cloud and digital service providers. For this reason, RedCortex continues to be a committed partner on the G-Cloud framework.

G-Cloud helps you to shape your requirements first, putting specialist knowledge from suppliers at your fingertips, while maintaining the impartiality of your further procurement process. Our clients have used this to good effect when wrestling with the challenge of having to define what they want. There is a really useful guide here and we at RedCortex are well versed and experienced in helping you clearly identify what you need.

Once your requirements are formed, it’s an easy process to buy from a pre-approved list of suitable suppliers using some simple search keywords. Once you’ve identified the appropriate supplier for your needs, you can buy a service for up to 4 years. The following guide can talk you through the entire process, click here. We are on most other frameworks too, such as Digital Outcomes and Services (DOS) and many others.

Click on the links to be directed to our Services on G-Cloud:

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