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RedCortex enable organisations to embrace the benefits of cloud technologies while remaining secure and compliant.

Our CESG Certified Professionals make it easy for you to safely navigate your path to the cloud and also to remain safe once you get there. We offer a whole of life solution from providing strategic advice on platform choices to assisting with implementation projects and undertaking IT Health Checks.  Our service includes cyber security and information assurance strategy and policy development, risk assessment and risk management, assistance with technical security design and Security Policy Framework (SPF).

  • Reduces ongoing threats to your organisation
  • Protects your system from threats such as adware, Ransomware and increasingly advanced social engineering schemes
  • Helps you avoid breaches and maintain a good reputation, customers feel comfortable that their personal data will not be compromised.
  • As well as prevention, working with you to develop responses to Cyber attack
  • Working in partnership with your staff to raise skills in your organisation
  • Comprehensive security architecture and design
  • Information security tailored to the GDPR age
  • Risk Management strategies which help you make better security decisions
  • ICT governance and compliance suitable for today’s complex regulatory environment
  • Assistant to help prevent DDoS and other cyber attacks
  • Security Policy Framework (SPF) compliance consultancy
  • Productions of RMADS
  • CESG Certified Professionals

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