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RedCortex has produced ICT and Digital Strategies for a number of Government and arms-length public sector bodies.

Understanding the context your organisation works within, as well as your corporate goals is critical to the production of a concise understandable Strategy that all staff can engage with. We have also completed a number of Green Book 5-case Business Cases for Public Sector organisations and have unique expertise in understanding TCO of cloud infrastructure and the impact of moving to cloud on ICT Teams.

  • Cost reduction and reduced complexity
  • Allowing organisations to take control of their own ICT
  • Reduced delivery timeframes due to flexibility of cloud
  • Unique Experience of producing strategies for UK Public Sector bodies
  • Experience of migrating away from large vendors and in-housing
  • Improved security and reduced threat of cyber attack
  • Fully understood and forecastable cost model and TCO
  • Reduced cost of ICT landscape operation and rationalised legacy estate
  • Flexible delivery models, staff can be on-site or virtual
  • Collaborative working approach, working alongside permanent staff
  • Situation Analysis, Skills Gap Analysis and Stakeholder engagement
  • Cloud options evaluation, 5 year TCO
  • Develop 3-5 year ICT Strategy to meet your organisation’s business needs
  • Roadmaps, scoping, portfolio development, transition and implementation planning
  • Service Delivery options analysis and road-mapping
  • Enterprise Architecture and Target Operating model production
  • Information Management Strategy
  • Cyber Security Strategy and modelling
  • Transformation Benefit tracking throughout process

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