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“We chose RedCortex because of their reputation for efficient delivery of complex digital transformation programmes across the public sector in Wales, and they played a large part in the NHS Wales COVID19 digital response. The RedCortex team became an extension of the DHCW team, as our partner for the rollout of Office 365 across over 100,000 users. At the start of the project the pandemic broke and we needed to urgently support remote working for our employees. We challenged RedCortex to accelerate the rollout of Microsoft Teams to all staff, and within three weeks our users could work from a location of their choice on Teams. RedCortex has a direct style which cuts through ‘noise’ and they really delivered for us when we needed it.“

Claire Osmundsen-Little (Executive Director for Finance)

Digital Health and Care Wales

We are leading the digital adoption of M365 services across NHS Wales through Programme Management, Architecture and Security Design as well as Azure Engineering.

Within NHS Wales, our team works closely with all health board ICT departments and the central NHS IT function to deliver a smooth M365 transition for over 140,000 mailbox migrations. Our NHS programme managers interact with executive teams, SRO and department director to ensure that the business requirements are maintained throughout the delivery of our projects. We apply the same practise with our local authority/council clients, by ensuring a peering system is in place between RedCortex and the client, allowing strong relationships to grow and for council staff to be able to take away the knowledge required to support the new systems and platforms themselves, once the project has completed.

Within one of the NHS Wales Health Boards that had a lack of dedicated resources and staff availability during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were asked to take full ownership of internal communication, PMO, support and training elements in conjunction with the migration planning and implementation. This engagement allowed our team to directly engage with health board staff and successfully implement a 15,000-mailbox migration programme within 6 months.

Our work to support the COVID-19 emergency response across NHS Wales through our Microsoft 365 rollout programme led to an accelerated rollout of MS Teams, where we delivered a safe and securely configured MS Teams to over 100,000 users in just over a week.  This rapid enablement of remote working has prompted many further revisions to the overall business strategy including the revision to the People and Mobilisation Strategies, as the organisation supports users working from a device, location and working pattern of their choice.

We are also supporting NHS Wales with their requirement to enable their remote working staff with new direct dial audio/video conferencing capabilities through Teams and reduce the requirement for expensive on-premise PBX hardware and licence overheads.

We are also used to dealing with 3rd party organisations who may form part of a joint project team, or from whom you purchase expert services.  We have been in positions where we have both managed and worked alongside staff from such organisations in similar engagements, for example, we are currently working with Hable and Trustmarque on the NHS Wales Office 365 rollout, with Hable looking after the Business Change aspects of the Programme.

We have implemented PowerBI for NHS Wales and have developed a comprehensive financial reporting suite for them which has helped them to gain increased insight into their financial transactions and position.

We have also been responsible for the Cyber Security aspect of the implementation and we have configured the security and compliance portals within M365 and setup Azure Monitoring, Defender and Azure ATP, Azure Sentinel and Information Protection compliance solutions.

Every organisation is different, and sometimes under different statutory obligations (Record keeping for example).  For NHS Wales health boards, we have implemented new Information Governance design principles as we deployed their respective new M365 Records Management module alongside MS Teams.  These principles ensure that there is appropriate governance around the creation of new Teams sites and that documents therein have appropriate metadata, retention and disposal schedules.  We always work closely with our customer IG and compliance teams to develop design principles in an easy-to-understand package.