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Introducing cloud technology into your business

How the use of Cloud Technologies can help your business

Are you considering introducing Cloud Technology into your business model? There are a variety of benefits cloud services and systems can bring to your business. At RedCortex, we have seen first-hand how businesses can be transformed using Cloud Technology. Here are just a few of the benefits we have helped our clients achieve.

Remote Working

One of the biggest benefits of Cloud Technology is that your business model can be more flexible. You can choose how you want to run your business, and more importantly where you want to operate your company from. You’ll be able to say goodbye to a team of staff that are stuck in an office and say hello to a new avenue of possibilities, where employees can work from home or across different locations. As well as reducing costs in your business model, this can provide fantastic advantages for individual employees.

It can also ensure that you are able to access a wide range of talent on what can be an international level. There are no boundaries on who you can hire, or where they can work. Instead, Cloud Technology provides a full solution from any location around the world.

Also, resilience is massively improved – no more snow days, or having to worry about transport strikes, and it also helps staff continue to be able to contribute if they can’t come to work due a broken-down vehicle or a twisted ankle.

Reduce Office Space

Cloud Technology allow you to store everything digitally and guarantee that it is all instantly accessible, and most importantly secure. As a result, there is no longer a need for high levels of physical storage space in your office and no need for expensive storage and backup devices. Everything can be accessed via the cloud, from wherever you are located.

Since a full Cloud system also provides options for remote workers, fewer staff need to operate from the office. This could allow your business to purchase or rent a smaller property, helping to reduce monthly expenditure

More Inclusion

As cloud systems can be used anywhere it provides opportunities to hire staff with limited mobility and other impairments. They can operate from spaces and locations that are suitable for their needs and requirements. This will allow you to gain a more diverse workforce that can bring in fresh concepts and ideas, whilst helping ensure that opportunities in your company are open to all.

Better Work And Life Balance

Finally, with Cloud Technology, it is possible to achieve a better dynamic and balance between work and personal lives. Cloud systems can reduce stress making it easier for employees to handle tasks at a time convenient to them, meaning that you will have more time outside of managing your business.


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For more details about the benefits of Cloud Technology and how it could transform your company, RedCortex can help. With innovative options and advanced tech, we’re ready to take your business to the next level on the Cloud.

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